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Maxime Guitton, three:four records
three:four mix (1)
three:four mix (1)

Une heure où il est question de voix nues, errantes, effilant le trait du temps, entre passé et futur antérieur ; de cordes dans tous leurs états, frappées, frottées, balayées, pincées ; comme d’images hallucinées ou remémorées. Une heure où il est surtout temps de décélérer.

Tracklist :

Dammi Dammi Quel Fazzolettino (folk song) , Simone Forti (“Al Di Là”, 2018, Saltern)
FM II, Loup Uberto (“Racconto Artigiano”, 2020, three:four)
666 (feat. Eartheater), LEYA (“The Fool”, 2018, NNA Tapes)
The CBCD Intro (Sunrise, Outside), ‘Blue’ Gene Tyranny (“Country Boy Country Dog”, 1994, Lovely Music)
Les Sensations enfouies, Delphine Dora (“L’inattingible”, 2020, three:four)
On The Leopard Altar, Daniel Lentz (“On The Leopard Altar”, 1984, Icon Records)
Slowness, Ana Roxanne (“~ ~ ~”, 2019, Leaving Records)
Electronic Recalcitrant (Live), Martin Bartlett (“Anecdotal Electronics: Live Experiments And Other Recordings”, 2019, Arc Light Editions)
Malabar Hotel… Ground Floor… Triangle Circuit On The Sea-Forest, Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo (“Cochin Moon”, 1978, King Records)
Die Stadt als Garten, Brannten Schnüre (“Erinnerungen An Gesichter”, 2019, Low Company)
Amethyst, Eugene Bowen (“Bourgeois Magnetic”, 1981, Cantil)
Eye of Donkey, Nour Mobarak (“Father Fugue”, 2019, Recital)
Star Spangled to Death, Danny Oxenberg, Bear Galvin & friends (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy), (“Early Abstractions, Volume One”, 2019, three:four)
Domaine Revisited, Fred Frith & René Lussier (“Nous autres”, 1987, Les Disques Victo)
Nil by Mind, Richard Youngs & Raül Refree (“All Hands Around the Moment”, 2019, Soft Abuse)
Cloud Housing, Mike Wexler (“Syntropy”, 2016, three:four)
Umber Wastes (“Caravaggio 1610 (Sound Sketches For Michele Of The Shadows”) Simon Fisher Turner (Original soundtrack to the film Caravaggio directed by Derek Jarman, 1986, Él)
Prelude, Kali Malone (“Organ Dirges 2016-2017”, 2018, Ascetic House)
Charles Curtis – Music for “Lester”, Charles Curtis (2009) (“Performances & Recordings 1998-2018”, 2020, Saltern) 20. Willem Breuker / Johan van der Keuken, Beauty (“Music For His Films (1967-1978)”, 1978, BVHAAST)

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