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Revenir et dire ça (46)

Avec : Omar Adel, Mohamed Al-Bakeri, Rania Atef, Assem Attoun, Marwa Benhalim, Nada Elkalaawy, Sara Hamdy, Fatma Heiba, Soukaina Joual, Rawia Sadek, Motasem Siam

Cette émission présente 11 pièces vocales réalisées durant un workshop virtuel organisé par Live Praxes entre Le Caire, Jérusalem, Rabat, Londres, Berlin, Genève et Lausanne entre novembre 2020 et janvier 2021.

This radio show presents 11 artist’s vocal pieces created during a virtual workshop organized by Live Praxes between Cairo, Jerusalem, Rabat, London, Berlin, Geneva and Lausanne between Novembre 2020 and January 2021.

Live Praxes
Live Praxes est une rencontre de performances qui comprend des ateliers, des séminaires et des soirées de performances. Un des buts de ces rencontres est de créer un espace pour discuter des pratiques textuelles performatives dans les sphères artistiques, curatoriales et pédagogiques. Les événements organisés se concentrent sur la notion de performance textuelle en tant que médium mais aussi en tant qu’appareil de recherche et à partir de là, s’ouvre sur un large éventail de supports et de formats, y compris les images en mouvement, le théâtre, les conférences, les installations, les publications, le son et la chorégraphie.

Live Praxes is a performance encounter that includes workshops, seminars and performance nights. It creates a space to discuss textual performative practices in artistic,
curatorial and pedagogical spheres. Live praxes focuses on the notion of text-based performance as not only a medium but also a research apparatus. It is committed to the concepts of ‘performativity and textuality’, with an extensive scope of mediums and formats including moving images, theatre, lectures, installations, publications, sound and choreography.

Intervenants workshop Written to Be Spoken : Mohamed Abdelkarim, Madeleine Amsler, Gilles Furtwängler

La production des pièces vocales a été rendue possible grâce au soutien de ProHelvetia.
The production of the vocal pieces was made possible with the support of ProHelvetia.

Substraction Chronicles (2/12) - The End of Self or The World
Switch (on Paper), Jean-Baptiste Farkas
Feuilleton (58)
Feuilleton (58)

An editorial project by French artist Jean-Baptiste Farkas conceived for Switch (on Paper).
In 12 episodes that can be read or listened to, each chronicle looks at the particularity of subtraction as an aspect of how art and society relate. At how less, emptiness or destruction create meaning in the contemporary world.

Episode 2 – The End of Self or The World (7’21)

Is The Seventh Continent a movie? Or a new continent? Both. In Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke’s film, we witness the planned disappearance of a family, a couple and their daughter who methodically erase themselves from their environment. The new continent located between Hawaii and California, on the other hand, produces a substance that is toxic for aquatic life, or actually for life in general. One continent too many.

Eliane Radigue - Transamorem transmortem

Must we archive the things we should rather forget? Is archiving a way to make something disappear? In these strange conjectures is where LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Archive) and The Salvage Art Institute in the USA try to respond, without necessarily finding answers.

LES CHRONIQUES DE LA SOUSTRACTION (Subtraction Chronicles) were recorded in summer 2019 by *Duuu Radio in the extension of each text by Jean-Baptiste Farkas published by Switch (on Paper).

Direction and recording: Gaspard Collin and Martin Fauret for *Duuu
Studio *Duuu, July 2019

Jean-Baptiste Farkas Jean-Baptiste Farkas’ artistic practice questions the notions and status of the artist, the artwork and the place of exhibition. He involves everyone in completing precise tasks that take the shape of services whose underlying objective is to upset the established order: put part of a habitat out of service, slow down the workflow or even tell lies. His collaborative projects are known under the names IKHÉA©SERVICES (1998), Glitch, Beaucoup plus de moins ! (2002) et PRACTICES IN REMOVE (2015). Books: IKHÉA©SERVICES, 68 pages de passages à l’acte !, Zédélé éditions, 2004. Glitch, Beaucoup plus de moins !, Zédélé éditions, 2006. Des modes d’emploi et des passages à l’acte, éditions MIX, Paris, 2010. Le Tournant Hostile, e-Publication, ABM Distribution, 2016. Retours d’usagers, éditions autrechose, 2016. On Words, In Deeds, english book, mfc – michèle didier, Bruxelles, 2017