En direct

Ce soir en direct du parvis du studio *Duuu à la Villette, un concert du groupe TNHCH.

TNHCH est un groupe d’artistes plasticiens formé par Corentin Canesson, Arthur Beuvier, Damien Le Dévédec, Tim Karbon et Maëla Bescond. Ils sortent en novembre 2020 ULTRA, à l’issue d’une résidence au centre d’art Lizières fondé par l’artiste pluri-disciplinaire Ramuntcho Matta, autour des textes du poète et critique d’art Rene Ricard. Un vinyle dont les pochettes ont été réalisées par 30 plasticien.ne.s dont : Clémentin Adou, Hélène Baril, Eva Barto, Jean Bourdet, Hugo Capron, Antoine Carbonne, Jean-Damien Charmoille, Mathis Collins, Joël Degbo, Hilary Galbreaith, Muriel Giroux, Charlotte Houette, Hélène Janicot, Ana Jotta,Petr Kirusha, François Lancien Guilberteau, Bérénice Lefebvre, Renée Lévi, Ramuntcho Matta, Jean-François Maurige, Julien Monnerie, Ryu Nishiyama, Marianne Pradier, Juliette Roche, K. Sato, Lise Stoufflet, Benjamin Swaim, David Tramut, Virginie Vallée, Xiao Wang.

Un concert proposé par le groupe TNHCH.

Art Sound and Song (part I)
Bob Nickas, Adrian Rew
*Duuu x Montez Press Radio (1)
*Duuu x Montez Press Radio (1)

Art Sound and Song #1

Bob Nickas and Adrian Rew play and discuss artist’s records.
A show produced by Montez Press Radio.

Tracklist :

  • Bird Calls, Louise Lawler, 1972/1981
  • Lowly Worm, A Band (Paul McMahon and Nancy Radloff),1979
  • Look What the Cat Dragged In, Carolee Schneemann, 1988
  • Mom and Dad’s Pussy, Destroy All Monsters, circa 74-76 (sound collage by Mike Kelley)
  • Sugar Ray Get Out Of My Way, Otis Houston Jr., 2020
  • Truckload of Art, Terry Allen, 1978
  • Start Here, B. Wurtz, 2020
  • Schwarzer Peter, Attersee und Ruhm, 1981
  • These Days, The Cornichons, 2019 (Servane Mary, Jose Martos, John Miller, Aura Rosenberg, Dan Walworth)
  • Otherwise (excerpt), Robert Barry, 1981
  • Untitled, Andra Ursuta (Anarchy in the U.K. performed in Arabic), 2018
  • Suono Interno (Internal Sound) excerpt, Terry Fox,1982
  • Dominator, donAteller, 2003 (Bonnie Camplin, Enrico David, Ed Laliq, Mark Leckey)
  • Collaborative Poem, Tony McAulay, 1986
  • Looking For All (All Rendered Truth), Lonnie Holley, 2013
  • Deutsche Angst, Peter Gordon and Lawrence Weiner, 1982
  • 5/4, 3 Teens Kill 4, 1982
  • Waco, Stefan Tcherepnin, 2019
  • Champagne For Everyone, Rodney Graham, 2000
  • Eisenhower and the Hippies, UJ3RK5, 1980 (Kitty Byrne, Rodney Graham, Colin Griffiths, Danice MacLeod, Frank Ramirez, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, David Wisdom)
  • Let’s Prance, Culturcide (Mark Flood), 1986
  • Ja Ja Ja, Nee Nee Nee, Martin Kippenbeger (Für Die Jugend), 1995

Each month, Montez Press Radio and *Duuu radio share shows on each other’s airwaves.

An offshoot of Montez Press, Montez Press Radio was founded in 2018 with the goal of fostering greater experimentation and conversation between artists, writers, and thinkers through the medium of radio. This platform is an experiment in broadcasting and community building which allows different corners of the art world to interact with each other in person and on air—a place where media finally meets flesh.

Adrian Rew is a record collector, DJ, curator, writer, and field recordist based in New York. He runs the Ergot Records label, which has released music by Aaron Dilloway and The Master Musicians of Joujouka as well as his own Slot Machine Music. As an Associate Curator at Blank Forms, he has organized performances by Patty Waters, Odwalla1221, Dominique Lawalré, Mike Huckaby, and others. He has a monthly radio show on The Lot Radio

Bob Nickas, a writer and curator based in New York, has organized over 120 exhibitions for galleries and museums since 1984. Curatorial Advisor at MoMA/PS1, 2004-2007, one of the curators of Greater New York 2005, the 2003 Biennale de Lyon, and for Aperto at the 1993 Venice Biennale, he was founding editor of Index magazine, 1996-2000, and has published widely. His books include Painting Abstraction: New Elements In Abstract Painting, and four collections of essays and interviews: Theft Is Vision, Live Free or Die, The Dept. of Corrections, and Komplaint Dept. He organized, with Matt Shuster, Another Music in A Different Kitchen: Studio Recordings & Records By Artists, at Karma Books last spring. He has been an avid record collector since he was thirteen.