En direct

9:15-10:00, la matinale dédiée à l’actualité de la création contemporaine, en direct le mercredi 29 mai et les mardis de juin à 9:15 sur *Duuu Radio.

Victoire Le Bars en conversation avec l’autrice et essayiste Fatima Ouassak.

Une création originale de Victoire Le Bars
Habillage sonore : Elen Huynh et Noé Mignard
Réalisation : Sampson Staples

Radiophrenia / Redux 1
Alexis Weaver, Double Goocher Shop (AKA Renato Grieco & MP Hopkins)

*Duuu s’associe à Radiophrenia, la station de radio d’art éphémère du Center for Contemporary Arts de Glasgow.
Plusieurs fois dans l’année, pendant deux semaines, Radiophrenia diffuse en direct une exploration des tendances actuelles des arts du son et de la transmission.

“Radio Carrion” by Double Goocher Shop (AKA Renato Grieco & MP Hopkins)

The early 1940’s. Several unconnected people from various locations disappear. They somehow became stuck in a radio field. Since then, the inhabitants of this interference space have had to readjust their social behaviours, re-evaluate their ethics, find a way to live despite disembodiment. Cultural practices have mutated within the magnetic field, including those of burial and remembrance for the dead. During short wave radio explorations, Double Goocher Shop unintentionally captured EVP interactions with these inhabitants. The stereophonic artefact produced by the duo for Radiophrenia explores an anthropological hoax via the metaphysical features of spherics, veering voltages, static electromagnetism, and ghost voice hunting.

How to bury a body without a body?

“Mineral Disobedience” by Alexis Weaver

Mineral Disobedience is an experimental soundscape inspired by an unofficial war waged in Sydney, Australia. Known for its natural beauty, the Emerald city is experiencing a period of rampant development; mirroring the wider world. Industry leaders must increasingly engage with environmental concerns raised by the public, as has been demonstrated by the ongoing climate change protests. For the latter group, this is a deeply personal issue which must affect the way we all interact with nature forever; for the former, it seems climate collapse is an administrative nuisance rather than impending reality. I use this context as a starting point to explore how Human, Machine and Animal might interact if the machines and tools we use in our taming of Nature were given anthropomorphic voices. Field recordings of construction sites and the natural world intersect as the machinery rattles to life. How would the diggers, jackhammers, trucks, the frames of the skyscrapers themselves, interact with their surroundings if liberated from their day jobs? The minerals from the ground, re-moulded into the building blocks of humankind, would surely have some things to say.

The piece charts a loose journey through the life of such machines, including the monotony of the construction site, hearing the dazzling voices of many humans, a flirtation with the natural world, and an inevitable return to ordained duty. The natural resonances of these field recordings inform the melodic content of the piece, including the recurring, poignant melody. 
Commissioned for Radiophrenia 2020 with the support of Creative Scotland.

Radio Carrion is a co-commission between Radiophrenia and Kunstradio Radiokunst for Ö1, Austria.
Produced with the support of Creative Scotland.

Commissioned for Radiophrenia 2020 with the support of Creative Scotland.