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Chronique d’une athée de la radio, Ferdinand Artur et Morgane Duflos
TEXAS, Joseph Poirot
Diling - Fruitz, Eva Prusiewicz et Manon Galland
Phasmophobia, Ludmila Voronitch
Entretien avec Vincent Petit. Improvisation : Au rythme des sens, Tom Colombain
Diling - Rêve, Eva Prusiewicz et Manon Galland
Comment j’ai appris à aimer la noise, Paul Comoretto
1,75 sur 1,94 cm (peinture le son), Dylan Tichit
Prescription #1, Sarah Delétain
FREAK #1, Chirine Zaboub
Les morts et les vivants, Camille Pradel De Lamaze
Diling - Francis Bacon, Eva Prusiewicz et Manon Galland
SAC À DOS, Joseph Poirot
Diling - La ferme, Eva Prusiewicz et Manon Galland
L’impossible bonheur du petit vampire, Ludmila Voronitch
Interview : Éric Mertz et William Cromer, Antoine Graff
Trombone et mixette, Tom Colombain et Paul Comoretto
Diling - La dépense, Eva Prusiewicz et Manon Galland
Ode aux mots, Sarah Delétain
La mort des oiseaux, Elisa Lhoste
L’Epopper, Jules Boillot
Nemo procedet, Lorraine Belet
Diling - On ne saura jamais, Eva Prusiewicz et Manon Galland
La danseuse de fer, Ludmila Voronitch
Prescription #2, Sarah Delétain
LE COUCHE, Joseph Poirot
Diling - J’aime/J’aime pas, Eva Prusiewicz et Manon Galland
GALATÉE#3, Chirine Zaboub
Oh les beaux jours, Elisa Lhoste
Diling - Carte de voeux, Eva Prusiewicz et Manon Galland
Contestation, Joseph Poirot
Houseum, Jules Boillot
Nightcall/confession, Adrien Mougeolle
Prescription #3, Sarah Delétain
REBORN#2, Chirine Zaboub
Prescription #4, Sarah Delétain
Beauté du Diable, Léa De Matteo
Direct, Joseph Poirot
Carré Rouge, Alexandre Simoneschi , Alexis Vafine, Adrien Mougeolle et Chirine Zaboub

Workshop avec les étudiant.e.s de l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Nancy.
Une Invitation de Jean-Jacques Dumont et Antoine Elias.

La communauté des radiophonies #2 : Pan African Space Station
Estelle Nabeyrat
Conversation (43)
Conversation (43)

A recent text published in the belgium art review L’Art même gave to writer Estelle Nabeyrat the opportunity to make some interviews with singular radio projects she selected.

Founded in 2008 by the Cape Town based publication Chimurenga and curated by Ntone Edjabe, the Pan African Space Station (PASS) is a periodic, pop-up live studio; a performance and exhibition space; a research platform and living archive, as well as an internet based radio station.Taking advantage of both the intimacy and unpredictability of the live studio space along with the reach and scope of the internet, PASS brings together a broad spectrum of artists, performers, writers and musicians, whose practices draw from a variety of contexts, to participate through conversations, performances and happenings that provoke us to rethink our histories and to speculate on our futures through artistic and cultural practice.

In organising sound, music and words into new forms of knowledge, PASS is a machine for travelling at the speed of thought, a probe for drilling into new levels of possibility space. Its mission is to challenge the concepts this present has of Africa and to excite new transitory and transient communities with each journey, bringing focus to collective experience and targeting an investigation into how we locate ourselves and how we mediate our human and historic commonality.

A radio show proposed by Estelle Nabeyrat